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Broad Innovation Award winners work to develop cancer immunotherapy

Imagine an ever-renewing source of immune cells that can be engineered to attack cancer and infections. The winners of this year’s Eli and Edythe Broad Innovation Award at USC are already striving to turn this exciting concept into a reality. […]

Subtle cues can dictate the fate of stem cells

If you’ve seen one GSK3 molecule, do not assume that you have seen them all. A new study in Developmental Cell reveals important differences in two similar forms of GSK3, which, in excess, is implicated in diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease […]

The protein TAZ sends “mixed signals” to stem cells

Just as beauty exists in the eye of the beholder, a signal depends upon the interpretation of the receiver. According to new USC research published in Stem Cell Reports, a protein called TAZ can convey very different signals—depending upon not […]

Biotech entrepreneur Min Zhou supports scientific serendipity in the Ying Lab

“The most important discoveries that I’ve made have all come from nowhere,” said Qi-Long Ying, associate professor of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at USC. “They could not be planned.” To foster this spirit of unexpected discovery, Chinese biotechnology […]

Qi-Long Ying and Rong Lu receive award from L.K. Whittier Foundation

Qi-Long Ying and Rong Lu have received an award from L.K. Whittier Foundation for research on the expansion and characterization of human granulocyte-macrophage progenitors. To read more, visit

USC’s stem cell scientists secure the dollars to fight disease

The price of progress is not only the energy and talent of stem cell scientists, but also the research dollars that support their discoveries. In recent months, faculty members have secured numerous grants to support stem cell-based approaches to study […]

What I’m Reading: Qi-Long Ying shares his top pick

Qi-Long Ying: In a recent study published in Cell Stem Cell, Joshua Black and colleagues demonstrated that skin cells are converted into neurons using a powerful tool called CRISPR/Cas9 to concurrently modify and activate three specific target genes. Here, the […]

Qi-Long Ying and Austin Smith win the 2016 McEwen Award for Innovation

Researchers Qi-Long Ying from USC and Austin Smith from the University of Cambridge have won the 2016 McEwen Award for Innovation, the highest honor bestowed by the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). Supported by the McEwen Centre for […]

Ying Lab produces world’s first conditional and inducible rat

USC Stem Cell principal investigator Qi-Long Ying and his team are pleased to introduce what may be the world’s most sophisticated transgenic animal — the conditional and inducible gene knockout rat. Created using embryonic stem cell-based technology, these remarkable rats allow […]